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To some it may seem strange that my family's backyard is a ZOO, but to us it feels totally natural. Let's face many people have a zebra, a camel, a lemur and lots of other animals in their backyard, as well as a sloth, cockatoo and a baby kangaroo, just to name a few, roaming freely in their home. I didn't plan it this just kind of evolved over the past 7 years. I was initially asked if I could provide a petting zoo in conjunction with a corporate picnic my husband's family-owned business, Abram's BBQ, was catering. I showed up at my first event with a few of our animals and a couple farm animals I borrowed from friends. It was a great success and from that day forward I knew I wanted to share my love and knowledge of animals with others.  


So one animal at a time our ZOO began to grow and I started making public appearances at local schools and daycares providing hands-on education to the children, as well as offering my zoo as an on-site place for birthday parties or off-site petting zoo. One thing lead to another and before long I had people requesting to come to visit our animals, so we opened the ZOO to the public for tours, began offering a summer camp to children, and field trips for schools. 


Along the way we have hosted lots of Church and scout groups, our baby kangaroo made an appearance at the Ronald McDonald house, and our ZOO has been featured in many local newspapers and covered by WNCT's People & Places with Pierce.    ​

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Today our backyard and home houses over 100 animals, including a zebra, a camel, 4 kangaroos, a wallaby, two lemurs, tortoises, a coatimundi, two grey wolves, a Patagonian cavy, a cockatoo, hedgehogs, alpacas, a sloth, and an anteater, which is our newest addition. Along with the exotic animals we also have rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, mini horses, cows, a donkey, peacocks, chickens and many, many more.

The business has continued to grow and my entire family is involved with the daily upkeep and care of the animals. They are also actively involved with the events and camps we host, as well as tours. The older ones often provide pony rides or a petting zoo at a party, or fulfill a public appearance request while I am off at a corporate event. Their help has been instrumental to the evolution of the ZOO and I am so grateful for their support.

We are a member of the Tarboro Chamber of Commerce and a proud supporter of Dream Works. Giving back to our community is important to our family. We are excited to see what adventures 2021 will bring!!


Thanks for all your support,

Bobbie Jo Abrams 

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