Who's got the real Santa Claws? 😜

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Each weekend of the month of December so far, we have had Christmas at the Zoo, our annual Christmas event. Jerry and the Abrams crew do a phenomenal job setting up tons of amusement park rides and food, we invite vendors out, and spare no expense on Christmas lights to light up EACH pen of every animal so they can be enjoyed well into the evening. The weather hasn't been our friend this year, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of people from coming out to experience all that we do to give back to our community. As expected, we set out to GIVE and receive so much more in return, this year, but watching small faces experience the magic of Christmas when they climb up on Santa's sleigh for the first time, and nervously share their heart's greatest desires. Or it could be watching an entire family with funnel cakes and hot chocolate in their hands, look back at Dad with gratitude and joy in their faces and thank him for planning such a fun evening, and manage to make him feel like their hero, at least for a night. It might even be watching a small child, with a funny mixture of excitement and fear, slowly approach our wolf, Axel Rose, in his pen, only for him to roll over on his back and watching their little faces relax and realize they are doing something that most people in the world will never get to do: experience the wild majesty of an exotic animal in a safe and enjoyable way. Christmas really is a special time and we look forward to this last weekend of events, with the hope to add more dates in the days to follow.

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