Winter Showers bring Spring Flowers

Many people don't realize that we are seasonal zoo. In the winter months, we push real hard to have an amazing Christmas Show but as the winter rolls on, and this year, the rains continues, we use this time to do some good ole fashion upkeep! In January and February, we bring in some of our newest additions to the family, this year including our serval, Slash, our new fennec fox, Foxanne, and many others. We also use this time to build new habitats and clean up our old ones. We are so excited about what the zoo will look like in the next few weeks! We are going to FINALLY be able to put our serval in his brand new pen built just for him, and for the first time in his life, he will LIVE outdoors, smelling all the new smells, climbing up and down on the additions we've put him for him, and meeting all our new outdoor animal babies. We also will be bringing out Willie Nelson our wallaby to live with his cousins, the kangaroos! Buddy, Sugar Ray, and Skipper are so friendly and inviting that we know it will be a great fit for them. We also hope to get Callie Ann, our albino bennet wallaby, back having grown a ton since we gave him back to our dear friend, Debbie, who breeds and raises lots of animals herself. All in all, as the spring rapidly approaches, you expect to see from us new beautiful fur babies, new habitats and enclosures, and lots of new adventures, both regarding the zoo and our ever-growing family continues!

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