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Modelsim 6.2 Free Download




A user model is created using its graphical interface and then this model is transferred into a.CSV file using a "save" button. The generated.CSV model file is a customized sim file and will be imported into ModelSim using the "import" command, followed by the "translate" command and then the.CSV model file. 4.6. Modeling the Functional Circuit Design of a Target System {#sec4.6} -------------------------------------------------------------- After simulating the system level in ModelSim 6.2, a user can convert the design into netlist and Verilog HDL code using either of the two methods discussed in previous sections. The design can then be synthesized using a synthesizer program such as the Xilinx Vivado simulator. In our example, the Verilog HDL code is imported into ModelSim using the "import" command. The simulation is then performed using the "translate" command, as explained in [Section 4.5](#sec4.5){ref-type="sec"}. The simulation results in a trace file which is used for further postprocessing. 4.7. Analysis of Signals and States {#sec4.7} ----------------------------------- After simulating the target system level, the verification and test results can be further analyzed using a tracing tool such as the Xilinx Vivado simulator. In the Vivado environment, all the states of the signals and the detailed waveforms of the signals can be analyzed at each step of simulation. The following are the screenshots of the Xilinx Vivado simulator showing the simulation results of the target system level design: (1) the system waveform during simulation with the ECLIGENCE tool; (2) the simulation results in the Vivado simulator showing the detailed waveforms of the signals in the device level; (3) the verification report showing the results of the testbench simulation. 4.8. Data Interpretation {#sec4.8} ------------------------ The output waveform traces, the simulation results, and the verification and test reports provided by a design verification tool may contain large amounts of data which is difficult to interpret. Such data is collected during simulation and can be obtained using various data analysis and visualization tools. In our example, the results of the verification and test are analyzed using the Xilinx Vivado Simulator. In this analysis, the verification report contains the detailed information about the correctness and functional coverage of



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Modelsim 6.2 Free Download

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