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Kershaw Blur vs. Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S: Which One Is Best?

In the search for the best quality pocket knives in the world, eventually you’ll run either into the Kershaw Blur or the Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S.

Both originated from highly reputable companies and both are loved by their users for one reason or another. We hope we can put the arguments to rest with this article by doing a side-by-side comparison between them. You can decide for yourself which one out of these two high quality pocket knives that’s a better fit for you.

1. Kershaw Blur

The Kershaw Blur is among the highest rated pocket knives on the market, thanks to its superb performance and reliability.

The pocket knife’s blade (3.4 inches long) is made from 440A steel— a high grade cutlery steel with a relatively high carbon content for greater hardness and toughness. As a result, Kershaw Blur’s blade can hold an edge for an incredibly long time. Additionally, 440A steel has the lowest carbon content in the 440 steel series, so it also has extra corrosion resistance ability.

Thanks to the high quality blade, it is a great fit for any situation: hunting, tactical scenarios, even camping and at work. The Kershaw Blur will also be a nice EDC knife if you want it to be one.

The handle is made from 6061-T6 aluminum for lightweight carrying and it also has a textured grip for more solid and comfortable gripping.

It has SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism and ambidextrous thumb studs for easier and safer blade deployment. The stainless steel liner locks are riveted into the handle to keep the blade locked solidly in place.

Pocket clip is available for easier storage and carrying. The handle has pre-drilled holes you can use to change the pocket clip position.

Overall, the Kershaw Blur deserves all of the praises and popularity that it’s got. Albeit a bit expensive (especially for those who are considering this knife as their first-timer), it will be well worth the money.

2. Smith & Wesson Border Guard SWBG10S

Most people are familiar with Smith & Wesson for their reputation as a firearm company and it may be surprising to learn that they also make the best pocket knives in the world. And fortunately, if the overwhelming great reviews from customers are of any indication, S&W has succeeded in this venture.

The S&W Border Guard SWBG10S has a serrated tanto blade with a length of 3.3 inches. The blade is made from 7Cr17MoV stainless steel— corrosion resistant, great strength, and easy to sharpen. With solid steel liner locks, the SWBG10S can handle heavy-handed cutting and chopping motions with relative ease.

The handle is also made from steel and has a Teflon coating and groove for easier and more comfortable gripping, even when your hands are wet. There’s a pocket clip for easier carrying as well as thumb studs to facilitate quicker deployment.

The knife also has a glass breaker for shattering windows and seat belt cutter in emergency situations such as a rollover. The tanto blade itself with the reinforced tip is made for piercing objects. All of these attributes combined makes the SWBG10S a wonderful tactical and rescue knife.

  • Key Differences

So what are the differences between these knives?

Well, the Kershaw Blur is more suited for EDC purposes. It is a bare bone, minimalistic knife that’s compact enough to fit into your pocket and does its job when you need it to. As a result, we recommend this knife for daily carrying.

On the other hand, the S&W SWBG10S is a tactical/rescue knife. It is bulky and heavy, but with all of the rescue features, it’s a great knife to have in the car or at a convenient place in the house in case of emergencies.


So, which one will it be? Minimalistic, stealthy Kershaw Blur or the high-caliber performance of the Smith & Wesson knife?

Only you can answer that question! But we hope that our comparison has made it easier for you to choose between these best rated pocket knives.


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