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About The Zoo

Have you ever wanted to pet a camel, have a lemur sit on your shoulder, or bounce beside a kangaroo?  Well here is your chance to have a real hands-on experience with our exotic animals at It's A Zoo Life in Macclesfield, North Carolina.  You will be allowed to visit the animals within their habitats, touching and interacting with them, which is sure to be lots of fun and entirely different from your ordinary zoo experience! We work hard to make sure all of our animals are friendly and conditioned for interaction with people, especially children. Our mission is to provide a fun and educational experience that can't be attained just anywhere. We are passionate and proud of the unique lifestyle we live and truly enjoy sharing it with our community.



While visiting our grounds a trained guide will share facts about the animals' native environments, the care required, as well as funny stories about daily life with these exotic pets, all while guests enjoy one on one encounters. We have over 100 animals, including a zebra, camel, sloth, porcupine, lemur, kangaroos, wallaby, tortoise, alpacas, coatimundi, cockatoo, hedgehogs, ferrets, rabbits, pigs, goats, cow, sheep, peacocks, chickens, mini horses, a reptile house and many more.  From the inception of Zoo Life our goal has been to offer a unique experience for our visitors, therefore our animals have been selected and conditioned with this in mind. Most of them have been with us since they were babies, started out living in our home, and we are proud of the bond we share with each of them. Larger facilities may have more species of animals or offer a drive-through safari type tour but here you will get to know each of our animals personally. The most noteworthy difference between our Zoo and others is it's our own backyard and these are truly our pets. We interact with them daily and know their personalities in depth. All of this is what really sets us apart from others and is sure to have you coming back for more!! 


The hands-on approach we offer with our exotic animals makes our facility an excellent place for educational daycare and school field trips, as well as kids birthday parties or corporate events.  If you are looking for a unique summer camp for your children our Zoo Camp is top of the line.  We are one of the only Zoos in Eastern North Carolina offering such a unique experience, whether you choose an on-site party or our off-site mobile Zoo services, including pony rides, bounce house, and other carnival rides. Contact us today to start planning your next event!!

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