Show the animals some love!

At It's A Zoo Life, we are constantly searching for ways to give our animals a better life and enrichment activities. Enrichment activities help our animals keep their "animal instincts" like foraging for food, building nests, catching, clawing and even have a great time of play! 

We love giving to our animals and seeing them enjoy themselves. We have been asked several times what guests can bring for the animals so, we've made some lists with great ideas!  

We've listed items that you may have around the house or office and foods to bring on your visit. We have also added an Amazon Wishlist so that you can send something straight to the Zoo's mailbox! 

The Zoo Crew wants to thank each and every one of you for loving our animals as much as we all do!

If you have any questions about our Wish Lists, please call the office! We would love to chat!


Cut fruits and vegetables in long spears to make feeding easier!

Gift Card Ideas:

Otto Environmental 



Tractor Supply